FIWG Young Writers Contest for Anacortes Grades K-8th 2012

FIWG’s Young Writers Contest for Anacortes School District K-8th

What Makes a Good Friend?

One of our goals has come to fruition! Let’s get those kids writing – everyone’s a winner in this contest. All entries will be published in a compiled book and gifted to each participant.

Nine finalists, one finalist from each grade level – also receives a framed Award Certificate from Fidalgo Island Writers Guild members, a gift certificate from either Read Me A Story or Watermark Book Company, a group photograph with the other finalists and recognition in the Anacortes American newspaper, all FIWG websites, FIWG’s Facebook pages, and on Anacortes People.

The Anacortes School District will distribute flyers/pamphlets to all student in grades K-6th. However, grades 7th and 8th will only have them available in the school offices, counseling offices, bulletin boards and each teacher will only receive one copy. So please do not go without; write to us if you have a child in Anacortes and would like us to send you a PDF of the Young Writers Contest (YWC) pamphlet. Simply comment here or or email us with your information. The permission slip inside the pamphlet must accompany all submissions.

NOTE: The Anacortes Public Library and the Anacortes Boys & Girls Club will have the YWC pamphlets available beginning next week. (February 20th, 2012)

The compilation books, “What Makes A Good Friend”, will also be available for a suggested donation to FIWG for Literacy to family, friends, and local residents. Pre-ordering is preferred and will be available towards the end of March. All proceeds will benefit the YWC for Anacortes students for next year. Look for more information in our March newsletter about pre-ordering your copy of the Young Writers compilation book.

Continued donations are needed for this event. We are a nonprofit organization. You can contribute to FIWG for Literacy by mailing a donation to: Fidalgo Island Writers Guild 13207 Satterlee Road Anacortes, WA 98221 or by contacting Ronda Rae Franklin by phone or email at: 360-293-1166 or 509-670-2460 email: FidalgoIslandWritersGuild AT gmail DOT com

     For more contest information or to subscribe to our newsletter, please click here



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