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Fidalgo Island Writers Guild

Welcomes Nick James

May 8th from 430-6 at the Anacortes Public Library Community Room.

Nick James

“Nail-biting Conflict” 

As a writer of fast-paced books for young adults, Nick James will speak about unlocking creativity, exercising imagination and filling a novel with nail-biting conflict.  

This event is open to the public with a $5 suggested donation fee for non-members. Waived for middle and high school students.

Nicks Bio: When he was a young boy, Nick James’ collection of battle-scarred action figures became the characters in epic storylines with cliffhangers, double crosses and an unending supply of imaginary explosions. Not much has changed. The toys are gone (most of them), but the love of fast-paced storytelling remains. Working in schools from Washington State to England, Nick has met thousands of diverse students since graduating from Western Washington University and braving the most dangerous job in the world: substitute teaching. Luckily, being dubbed the “rock star teacher” has granted him some immunity. He currently lives and teaches in Bellingham, Washington.