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 Excerpt from Broken to Grace

By Ronda Rae Franklin

     I have read that there are two different ways to shine a light – you can be the mirror or you can be the candle. I say you do both every day of your life – willing or not. As the giver of love, friendship and help you hold the candle and the receiver the mirror. However true this is, it is only partly correct because it’s only half of the truth.

     Consider the following. You helped create a new hope in another human being – probably an unexpected hope, strengthened faith, and an increased or newfound willingness to share their own love.

     So now consider the receiver’s essential, supplemental function. They were originally only holding a mirror to reflect your candle back at you, but amidst receiving your unsolicited gift they picked up their own inner candle with the strength to reignite it. 

     Broaden your focus to consider your role one step further. You not only continue to shine a light in this person’s life; now you are also their mirror.

     Two people, two candles, two mirrors. Have you ever seen the effect of two mirrors, aligned just right, face to face? The image repeats itself countless times. The depiction appears endless and perhaps it is in this illustration. With this in mind, the image you place in your mirror is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make in this life. Be clear that it is a choice; and in case you missed it, the image in your mirror begins with the light you first chose to shine.

     Every instant of each day your mirror is alongside you in all you do and it reflects against every other mirror around you creating that same immeasurable, endless impact. Check yourself everyday. Do not fain love, offer false friendship, or give anything with attachments or conditions. Your mirror reflects the true heart of you, good and bad. Face the world’s mirrors’ knowing your reflection is endless and make it the most beautiful truth you have to offer. In this you can do no wrong. Even though you can’t undo your past images, you can choose to change what you reflect from this moment forward. Remembering that you not only reflect your surface, but more importantly your innermost self. 

©Ronda Rae Franklin, From her upcoming novel, ‘Broken to Grace’

(image purchased from 'Dreamtime Images' free of copyright)