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God’s Dream Girl

By Jennifer Sherin


Rage on, oh tempest!

For I am her Redeemer!

She comes to me like a young doe

And hides within My refuge

I shelter her under My wings

My feathers drip with blood

I poured out for her in loving sacrifice

I walked through pain and death for her

So she reveres Me

And runs to Me alone from all trouble

She knows I am her Defender

Her Fortress, her Safety and Holy Warrior

Rage on, oh tempest!

My power is enough for her!


I am all she needs

My grace is sufficient for her

And My Truth is her favorite song

She comes to Me with luminous joy

At all times

In sorrow, fear, anger, and praise

Willingly, she offers Me her tears

For I am her sole security

She is everything if she is anything

Because of Me and Me alone


The way she serves delights My eyes

And her generosity

Is the most enchanting fragrance

Her hands are treasures

Weaving goodness and serenity

Sharing the richness I have given her

My angels gaze down upon her with wonder

And she is a blessing to her generation 


Not only does she wear gratitude on her sleeve

But she heeds My instruction with deference

I am her Good Father

My daughter chooses to obey Me

Even when it is most trying for her

She knows there is greater glory

In one of My footprints

Than in all the deceitful dying world


Unashamed to proclaim Me

Her Dearest Beloved

She is innocent as the whitest of lilies

And admires Me in timid awe

Like a starry-eyed child

Humbly, she examines her failures

And leaves them under my footstool

Shame does not hinder her joy

For she remembers

My strength is ever stronger

In her weakness


Accepting and submissive

She leans her head on My arm

Rests her weight in My hands

Entrusts her future to My control

Rage on, oh tempest

She is mine

And I will not let you harm her!

What can shadows do to her

When she is husbanded by Light?